Generative Energy #98: Ray Peat Inspired Nutrition in 2023? | Dietary Satisfaction | Appetite, Sugar, and Weight Gain with Emma Sgourakis

"What could be more important to understand than biological energy? Thought, growth, movement, every philosophical and practical issue involves the nature of biological energy." — Raymond Peat

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00:00 - Catch-up with Emma, finding out about Ray passing

07:54 - Emma's thoughts on Ray's low-protein experiment

14:40 - How does a person become more aware of negative factors contributing to their health?

17:30 - What are the useful self-metrics for assessing the rate of metabolism?

21:30 - How does a person move forward when they feel like they're in a state of chaos?

27:57 - How does Emma approach an unhelpful puritanical view on nutrition?

30:09 - How important is it to cook at home?

30:57 - How would Emma approach weight gain upon introducing carbohydrate?

35:30 - Pathological leanness, the obesity paradox, what are the characteristics of weight loss?

37:27 - What was the most valuable information Emma encountered regarding pregnancy?

45:54 - Progesterone supplementation during pregnancy?

48:06 - Emma's experience feeding her children

53:43 - Saturée skincare research and development

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